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Sat, 20 Feb, 2010

If you're involved in the arts in SW England then there is a reasonable chance that you've heard of the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World up on Haldon.

Clive and the team have been putting on ambitious exhibitions, events and education programmes for a number of years now, but Arts Council England refused their latest grant unless CCANW can raise £20,000 in match funding. As of this week they've managed half of that (my donation is in there somewhere) but without the rest CCANW will close at the end of March, a few weeks from now.

If you want to support the arts in Devon, please do what you can to support CCANW. We've now got to the stage where the diversion of funding from the Arts Council to the 2012 Olympics is really starting to bite into public arts provision in the UK.

CCANW site.
Donation/Friends page.


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