ICCI Update

Fri, 17 Sep, 2010

Did I jinx things with the previous blog post, mentioning unforeseen technical issues? Maybe.

On Wednesday afternoon 360/24 - Haytor started playing to quite a lot of interest in the ICCI360 audience. Until about a third of the way in, when all five video feeds looped back to the logo-on-black beginning while the audio carried on regardless. The slightly confused audience applauded anyway.

OK, not good for the nerves after so much time went into the making of the piece, but this could be a one-off problem. After that session had ended the team tried running the video again - this time it got half way through before looping back to the beginning. Aargh!

Time had run out to do another test before the next session but apparently it ran successfully in the evening as a backdrop to one of the choral works. The next time Haytor was due to run was this afternoon, Friday. Partway through and, you guessed it, the video cut back to the beginning. A fourth attempt later in the afternoon and it worked! This was a great relief, until this point I'd not seen the full size final version, not having five 1080p HD projectors lying around the place.

The next step is to work out a good way to show the work on a normal screen or projector, rather than in a 360 degree projection space, while still keeping some of the feeling of space and surroundings.

More on that later...


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