ICCI360 Festival

Wed, 15 Sep, 2010

The ICCI360 Festival is upon us. For me this the culmination of a couple of hundred hours of work on 360/24 - Haytor. This is a timelapse piece created specifically for the event, shot during the Summer solstice in 2009. 

As the Haytor project has progressed it has grown in scope from a 'simple' timelapse to a full-grown piece with scripted narration involving collaboration with writer Val Shearer and actor Al Wadham. As someone who is used to working on his own this has been an odd experience.

Being such a site-specific piece I haven't seen the full resolution version before, so as I write this on my down to Plymouth there is a certain degree of trepidation - will the piece work as intended, how much will the audience get out of it, will there be an unforeseen technical breakdown?

I'll find out soon enough...


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