Tue, 29 Jun, 2010

Every so often, somebody creates something wonderful. Theo Jansen's Strandbeests fit into that category.

Click through for an interactive version.

Through the net I've followed his work for some time now, so when I heard that one of the beasts was coming to Devon for a couple of weeks I was very happy.

Organised by Spacex in Exeter and Amino Arts in Newcastle, a new beast (Ventosa Siamesis) came to Exmouth Beach for three days and will also spend three days in Exeter City Centre, with an exhibition in Spacex and a talk by Theo in the Central Library this Friday (booking required!).

This sounded like a good excuse to do a timelapse, so on Thursday I headed over the Exmouth and did a timelapse movie of the setup day:

You can also see some photos on Flickr.