IDA Update

Mon, 15 Feb, 2010

It's several months until the interactive digital arena event in Plymouth, but this week is the trial run. With a 12m diameter dome instead of the 20m one that is planned for September it's going to be smaller but good practice.

I'm on my way down on the train to have a look, with a couple of hours booked in for testing on Wednesday having already left 25GB of video files with the organisers...

The projection setup for the dome involves five computers, each running a 1920x1080 pixel section of the projection area for a 9600 pixel cylinder. Creating video files to fit this can be... interesting. The work I'm showing is the Haytor timelapse in a 3up format which doesn't tie in too wellwith the need to produce five video files. A lot of fiddling with five matched Keynote presentations and a bunch of video rendering later and the files were ready.

Here's to hoping they sync properly.


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