Ian James Wood is a renowned panoramic photographer, and software developer.

He is heavily involved with the panoramic community, serving on the board of directors of the IVRPA, a list owner and moderator on the PanoToolsNG Yahoo list and a founder member of the annual PanoTools meetings.

Over the last few years Ian has been commissioned by Barclays Bank to produce a series of panoramas of landmarks across the country, was artist in residence with Gardiner & Theobald for two years, produced the images for the Plateau Wayfinding Project at Derriford Hospital and received a Digital Media Bursary from Phoenix Media.
Several of these commissions were arranged through International Art Consultants Ltd.

Through his interest in automated photographic workflows, Ian has become an expert in Apple's Aperture application - releasing Aperture Assistant, writing online for O'Reilly Media, the Aperture Users Network and contributing regularly to most Aperture-related forums.