ICCI Update

Fri, 17 Sep, 2010

Did I jinx things with the previous blog post, mentioning unforeseen technical issues? Maybe.

On Wednesday afternoon 360/24 - Haytor started playing to quite a lot of interest in the ICCI360 audience. Until about a third of the way in, when all five video feeds looped back to the logo-on-black beginning while the audio carried on regardless. The slightly confused audience applauded anyway.

OK, not good for the nerves after so much time went into the making of the piece, but this could be a one-off problem. After that session had ended the team tried running the video again - this time it got half way through before looping back to the beginning. Aargh!

Time had run out to do another test before the next session but apparently it ran successfully in the evening as a backdrop to one of the choral works. The next time Haytor was due to run was this afternoon, Friday. Partway through and, you guessed it, the video cut back to the beginning. A fourth attempt later in the afternoon and it worked! This was a great relief, until this point I'd not seen the full size final version, not having five 1080p HD projectors lying around the place.

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Cave Dark

Wed, 15 Sep, 2010


Having grown up in Widecombe I'm a country lad - London-born but Dartmoor-bred.

Widecombe is a strange, fantastical place to grow up, there is still the remnants of a farming community there, but most of the population either work in the tourist industry or commute off the Moor to work. From the empty grey days of Winter to the teeming hordes of tourists in the Summer it is a place of extremes.

Having spent several nights up on Haytor Rocks for my time-lapse project, I find myself missing one of those extremes from childhood:


Living in an urban environment darkness is in short supply with streetlights on every road, outside every bedroom window, night lights, blinking LEDs from appliances etc. Widecombe in the Seventies, on the other hand, had one streetlight. Not one streetlight for the village but one streetlight for the whole 16 square mile parish. If the cloud cover was complete, so was the darkness. The settlements around the edge of the Moor were too small or too far away for reflected sodium light.

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ICCI360 Festival

Wed, 15 Sep, 2010

The ICCI360 Festival is upon us. For me this the culmination of a couple of hundred hours of work on 360/24 - Haytor. This is a timelapse piece created specifically for the event, shot during the Summer solstice in 2009. 

As the Haytor project has progressed it has grown in scope from a 'simple' timelapse to a full-grown piece with scripted narration involving collaboration with writer Val Shearer and actor Al Wadham. As someone who is used to working on his own this has been an odd experience.

Being such a site-specific piece I haven't seen the full resolution version before, so as I write this on my down to Plymouth there is a certain degree of trepidation - will the piece work as intended, how much will the audience get out of it, will there be an unforeseen technical breakdown?

I'll find out soon enough...


PanoTools Meeting 2010 - Plymouth

Mon, 30 Aug, 2010

Another year, another PanoTools Meeting. I've been involved in their organisation since the first one in Berlin back in 2003, but this was the first time I was the main organiser.

It's work. A lot of work. Fantastically rewarding, though. Around 40 panoramic photographers turned up in Plymouth for a series of talks, show and tell sessions, excursions and - possibly the most important bit - meals where everyone can chat and socialise.

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Strandbeest 2 - Exeter

Wed, 21 Jul, 2010

Following on from it's trip to Exmouth Beach, Theo Jansen's Ventosa Siamesis strandbeest came to Princesshay Square in Exeter city centre.

Time for another timelapse! This time covering an hour or so before the strandbeest arrived by lorry, the strandbeest being put together and then several hours of the busy shopping crowds interacting with the strandbeest and the small 'self-pull' beest:

I also shot some video footage:

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Tue, 29 Jun, 2010

Every so often, somebody creates something wonderful. Theo Jansen's Strandbeests fit into that category.

Click through for an interactive version.

Through the net I've followed his work for some time now, so when I heard that one of the beasts was coming to Devon for a couple of weeks I was very happy.

Organised by Spacex in Exeter and Amino Arts in Newcastle, a new beast (Ventosa Siamesis) came to Exmouth Beach for three days and will also spend three days in Exeter City Centre, with an exhibition in Spacex and a talk by Theo in the Central Library this Friday (booking required!).

This sounded like a good excuse to do a timelapse, so on Thursday I headed over the Exmouth and did a timelapse movie of the setup day:

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